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Please feel free to contact us via members of the record labels Depeche Mode is associated with. A member of their teams will do their best to your inquiry as soon as they possibly can.   

Mute Records

General enquiries can be sent to:

E-Mail Link to 

For all licensing and sync questions, please contact: 

Simon Ballard –

E-Mail Link Button to 

Adrian Janssens (USA only) –

E-Mail Link Button to 

 Columbia Records

Address 550 Madison Ave, Fl 24, New York City, New York 10022 

US Phone (212) 833-8000

 Social Media

As for keeping up with the ban, feel free to follow all and any of Depeche Mode's social media accounts listed below. We truly appreciated feedback and involvement from the fans!

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Depeche Mode Fan Club Magazine: Issue 1

Click Below to download the first issue of the Depeche Mode Fan Club Magazine (463K)

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